Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld 2007 - Day -2

Day minus 2 – Are we ready? Really close.

Whew, only 2 demo staff members did not register. I guess we will have to smuggle them onto the DEMOground somehow. We had our final staff meeting during lunchtime to go through all the logistics – what to say, what to wear / not to wear, schedule, transportation, etc... It was a big meeting, as this OpenWorld is going to involve over 100 people just from the Enterprise Manager team. We totally ran out of food, which usually doesn't happen at lunch meetings.

Latest Status

Hands-on Lab Material – done; just need to get it to Kinkos

Demos – still working on it; will be done by Monday :)

2 days to go before it starts. 6 days to go before it ends.

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