Monday, February 11, 2008

First Update to Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite Available

The first update of Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite is now available. This is an OPatch rollup update on top of the original release. This update contains bug fixes in the areas of cloning and also supports management of some of Oracle E-Business Suite advanced topologies.

The key fixes / capabilities include:

- 6141071: Ability for user to choose custom directories for installing APPL_TOP and DB TOP while cloning EBS R12.
- 5976900: Ability for users to perform scale up or scale down clone of DB TOP.
- 6155177: Ability for clone to support the capability to skip optional steps specified in the Clone Procedure.
- 5876590: Support cloning of Individual EBS components (Database Techstack, Data Top, Application Techstack, and Application Top).
- 5892625: Ability to apply an EBS image on an existing E-Business Suite Target.

Command Line Interface (CLI) for discovering and registering E-Business Suite system. In addition to the EM Grid Control User Interface based EBS discovery process, you can now choose to discover using CLI. However the discovery mechanism still remains the same in both the steps.

Certified Oracle E-Business Suite Topology
- EBS deployed on shared file system (NFS): Customers can now use Application Management Pack to monitor and manage Oracle E-Business Suite systems deployed on a shared file system. However the cloning capability is still pending certification.
- SSL enabled EBS System: Using this updated Application Management Pack, you can monitor and manage Oracle E-Business Suite systems that are SSL enabled.

This pack is available through Oracle Metalink, as patch 5969524. It requires Oracle Enterprise Manager 10gR3 (