Wednesday, December 2, 2009

RUEI 6.0 is Released

Oracle Enterprise Manager Real User Experience Insight 6.0 is Now Available.
Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) is a key technology in Oracle Enterprise Manager's technology arsenal to help application administrators understand how applications are being used and the user experience delivered. Specifically, it helps administrators answer important questions such as:

- Who are the users?
- Where did they come from?
- What have they been doing on the application? What parts of the applications are getting used?
- What sort of response time have they experienced?
- What errors have they encountered?

The insight that RUEI delivers can help application administrators manage application service level better through proactive monitoring and greater insights on end user activities. Besides application administrators, business analysts may also benefit from the insights provided by this tool, as end user activities on the applications can also reveal important information on whether the business is operating as intended. The tool is an indispensable piece of technology for anyone who owns or manages mission critical business applications. It is the next best thing to being there with every single application users and watching what they do on the applications.

The latest version of this tool delivers several important enhancements.

First, it offers integration with Oracle Application Diagnostic for Java and Composite Application Monitor and Modeler, two key pieces of Oracle Enterprise Manager technologies that provide further insights to the internal workings of applications. RUEI helps application administrators find out what the user did, and these two technologies provide further insights on why the applications behave in certain way, so it is nature to integrate them together.

Second, it provides better ways for administrators and business analysts to review user activities with full user session replay on web applications that shows step-by-step interactions between the end users and the applications, and customizable monitoring dashboards that tailor to the information that is most relevant about the monitored applications. These dashboards provide both IT and business users a single view with actionable intelligence, to help identify trends, patterns and anomalies.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, improved out-of-box capabilities to support key Oracle Applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite and Siebel CRM, as well as applications constructed out of Oracle technologies such as Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) and Oracle Weblogic Portal. While RUEI is designed to be a general purpose application monitoring tool, we want to make sure that we provide un-paralleled out-of-box support for our customers who depend on our packaged applications and middleware technologies to run their businesses. Customers who use RUEI to monitor their Oracle Applications and middleware can expect shorter time-to-benefit as the tool works better out-of-box, as well as greater insights into Oracle technologies.

More information about RUEI can be found here.