Friday, November 9, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld 2007 - Day -3

I posted a message about our OpenWorld lab preparation, and someone replied with a question for more information, so I guess maybe some of you are interested to see what it takes to put OpenWorld together. One of my fellow PMs compared OpenWorld to the Super Bowl. Seems about right. Both require a ton of preparations. I will try to give a little bit of the behind the scene look from my own corner at Oracle.

Day minus 3 – Are we ready? Well, almost.

Hands-on Lab Equipment Preparation – check

Hands-on Lab Material – 1 done, 1 to go; where is the nearest Kinkos to Moscone?

Presentations – check

Demos – still working on it; will be done by Monday :)

Send customer party invites – check

Set up customer meetings – check

Set up partner meetings – check

Arrange meet the expert session – check

Arrange staff for demopods – check; oh, is everyone on this list registered?

Pick up my badge – check; wait, am I registered to be a speaker and DEMOground staff, or just speaker? What is this Employee Standard vs. Employee Plus pass anyway?

3 days to go before it starts. 7 days to go before it ends.

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