Monday, November 12, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld 2007 - Day 1

Charles Philips and Chuck Rozwat kicked off Day 1 of OpenWorld this morning with their joint keynote. One of the demonstrations that they presented was using Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage the integration of Siebel, Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Process Integration Pack (PIP). In the demonstration, metrics collected by Oracle Enterprise Manager showed that E-Business Suite was not keeping up with orders submitted by Siebel because of inadequate database capacity. To correct the problem, Oracle Enterprise Manager's Database Provisioning Pack was used to add another node to the RAC cluster. This scenario really showed off Oracle Enterprise Manager's ability to manage the complete portfolio of Oracle software that many of our customers have. We have been talking about building a demo like this for the better part of last year, so it is really cool to see it come together.

On my own neck of the wood, OpenWorld really got started with the opening of DEMOground. That went fine. The real fun for the day was to head over to Marriotts to find out whether our hands-on lab equipment worked as we planned. That went fine too. Capacity utilization came way below our load test scenario. We probably had over-engineered this thing. Next came my session at 3 p.m. Would people show up? Well, they did. :) The PeopleSoft Management Pack session presented by my colleague Scott Schafer had good attendance as well, so OpenWorld was off to a good start for our application management products.

My talk was titled “Siebel Application Management - Tools, Tips and Techniques to Ensure Performance and Availability”. The key message of the presentation was:

1. Application Management is a process.
2. It covers all stages of an application's lifecycle.
3. Implementing the process properly, with the right tool, would increase the chance of success with application deployment.

I just got the presentation uploaded to the conference content management system, and I will be blogging more about the details of this presentation in the coming weeks and months. It has been a big long day. I am going to go to bed early so that I can get to Thomas Kurian's keynote in person tomorrow morning.

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