Thursday, April 24, 2008

Updated Oracle Maintenance Wizard for E-Business Suite

Oracle Maintenance Wizard 2.10, which provides step-by-step guidance for maintenance and upgrade tasks, is available. Enhancements include:

- A new, more secured encryption method
- Updates to Upgrade Assistance 12 that takes you directly to 12.0.4 in one upgrade
- Additional automation and bug fixes

Upgrade paths now included in the Maintenance Wizard are:
- 10.7 -> (via the Upgrade Assistant 11.5.10)
- 11.0.3 -> (via the Upgrade Assistant 11.5.10)
- 11.5.3+ -> (via the Maintenance Pack Assistant 11.5.10)
- 11.5.8+ -> 12.0.4 (via the Upgrade Assistant 12)
- RDBMS 8i -> 10g (via the Database Assistant 10g)
- RDBMS 9i -> 10g (via the Database Assistant 10g)

You need to start using this version of the tool if you are still on the older (v1.x) release, as 1.x versions are already de-supported.

For more information on the Maintenance Wizard, review note 215527.1 (login required). For information on training for the Maintenance Wizard, review note 418301.1 (login required).

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