Thursday, April 10, 2008

Six New Monitoring Plug-in's Are Available for Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle just announced the availability of six new system monitoring plug-in's to extend Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control's ability to monitor third party applications and technologies. These plug-in's support two commonly used applications - Microsoft Exchange and SAP R/3. They also cover infrastructure technologies such as EMC CLARiiON, VMware ESX, Apache Tomcat, and Sybase Adaptive Server.

You may notice that many of these are products that compete against Oracle products. What's even more interesting is that five of these six plug-in's were developed by Oracle. You may ask, why would Oracle want to invest resource managing other company's products? The reason is simple. These are all technologies used in conjunction with Oracle products. In order for Oracle Enterprise Manager to provide a holistic view on the health of Oracle products, it needs to cover the adjacent technologies that are integrated with Oracle products as well. Unlike another infrastructure software vendor whose heterogeneous management strategy is to rely primarily on partners to do the work, Oracle has taken a much more hands on approach by investing its own resource.

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