Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Oracle Enterprise Manager Widgets

Oracle Enterprise Manager is a great tool that helps IT administrators keep tab of the health of their various applications and infrastructure components. Its web browser based user interface can be accessed by administrators anywhere in the world where a browser runs in order to get latest status information on the managed objects (a.k.a. targets) that they want to monitor. However, it can be a bit tedious to have to launch Enterprise Manager console every time just to check status. If this problem applies to you, there is now a solution that should make your job easier.

Introducing Oracle Desktop Widgets, which are lightweight applications that you can run on your PC or Mac to access Enterprise Manager information. Three widgets are available. The first widget lets you keep track of the up/down status of the targets that you care to track.

The second widget allows you to monitor the actual service levels of your service targets.

The third widget is designed specifically to monitor database usage and performance.

One of the key advantages that these widgets provide is the ability to stay connected to Enterprise Manager. You can set them up to be launched automatically every time you log onto your PC, and the widgets stay on your desktop until either you close them explicitly, or when you log off your account.

How much do these widgets cost? They are free! They are released technology previews in order to test out new ideas and concepts. Please try them out, and give us feedbacks. To submit your feedback, click the feedback icon on the upper right corner of the widget.

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