Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Oracle Enterprise Manager Management Pack for SOA and Middleware Management

The Enterprise Manager product release parade continues. Oracle just released three new management packs: Management Pack for Oracle WebCenter Suite, Management Pack Plus for SOA and Management Pack for Websphere Portal.

There are several notable things about these packs. First, they are for both Oracle and 3rd party middleware products, continuing our effort to help Oracle customers proactively manage Oracle products and 3rd party technologies often used with Oracle. Second, they leverage the Composite Application Monitoring and Modeler technology that we acquired last year in order to take Enterprise Manager's ability to discover, model, monitor, diagnose and report on the usage of various Java EE and SOA applications and the artifacts that make up these applications.

Additional product information can be found at this website.

There is also a very nice recorded demo that shows how the tool works in action, which you may access from this link.


Liz said...

Can you tell me where I can find the download for Grid control Management Pack Plus for SOA Suite. I've looked on OTN but can't see it and I can't find it in Metalink either.

Chung Wu said...

SOA Management Pack is made up of two sets of components. One set is built into Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control. The other set is built into Oracle Composite Application Monitoring and Modeler. You may download both at this website:

Unknown said...


I´m new with Oracle CAMM, and I am trying to register as resource several oracle application servers(10R3) to the console, but when I try to register more than two, the console tells me "Can not create more than two resources", but I read in CAMM documentation that I can register more than two (actually, there is no a specific limit in documentation). Could you help explain me what's happening?



Market Survey said...

I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chung,
This post was very useful. I have a websphere Application server on which a j2ee Application (OAAM10g) was running. Can I use Oracle Enterprise Management Pack for websphere portal to monitor the application events?