Monday, October 27, 2008

Oracle Launches Leading Practices of Application Management Webinar Series

Oracle is launching a new webinar series on application management. We have seen that oftentimes, technology is not the only source of challenges for customers. To achieve targeted application service level cost effectively, one needs to consider organizational and process issues holistically also. In this weekly webinar series, we plan to talk about not only the technologies for managing applications, but more importantly, the leading practices and how various tools can be used to facilitate the implementation of practices.

In November, we plan to present overviews of our application management packs, the centerpiece of our management tools for packaged applications. After that, we will begin our deep dive into specific topics for each application domain. See the bottom of this post for some example topics.

You may click here to get the summarized list of upcoming webinars, and here to get a more detailed description for each event. These webinars will be recorded and made available for on demand playback.

November 2008 Schedule

For schedule and registration options visit webcasts page on OTN.

Upcoming Topics in December and Beyond
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Install and Cloning Techniques Deep Dive
  • Key Steps that You can Take to Improve the Performance and Availability of Siebel Applications
  • Service Level Management Best Practices for PeopleSoft Enterprise
  • Oracle@Oracle: Managing Oracle’s Internal Implementation of Front and Back Office Applications

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