Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oracle OpenWorld 2008 Application Management Preview

The Olympics is over. The political conventions are over. What is the next mega-event? Oracle OpenWorld of course. In two weeks, we will once again pack Downtown San Francisco with tens of thousands of Oracle customers, partners and employees to talk about the latest developments in enterprise software.

We will feature our strongest lineup of breakout sessions dedicated to application management ever. Here is a preview.

E-Business Suite Management

Customer Case Study: Centrally Managing Your Oracle E-Business Suite, Using Oracle Application Management Pack
Benjamin Cabanas, General Electric, Infrastructure ; Biju Mohan, Oracle

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12: Install and Cloning Techniques Deep Dive
Max Arderius, Oracle; Biju Mohan, Oracle

Managing Oracle E-Business Suite Customizations and Patches, Using Oracle Enterprise Manager
Uma Prabhala, Oracle

Oracle E-Business Suite Management: Performance Optimization Best Practices Using Oracle Enterprise Manager
Chung Wu, Oracle

Improve Performance of Your Oracle E-Business Suite and Siebel Applications with Oracle's Real User Experience Insight
Henk de Koning, Oracle; Jurgen de Leijer, Oracle

Siebel Management

Improve Performance of Your Oracle E-Business Suite and Siebel Applications with Oracle's Real User Experience Insight
Henk de Koning, Oracle; Jurgen de Leijer, Oracle

Siebel Application Management: Three Steps to Better Performance and Better User Adoption
Chung Wu, Oracle

Performance Optimization Best Practices with Siebel Application Response Measurement and Oracle Enterprise Manager
Sandra Cheevers, Oracle; Chung Wu, Oracle

The Oracle Stack Promise for Siebel Customer Relationship Management: MAA, Oracle Clusterware, and Oracle Real Application Clusters
Richard Exley, Oracle; James Qiu, Oracle

PeopleSoft Management

Leveraging Oracle Enterprise Manager to Manage and Monitor Your PeopleSoft Applications
Scott Schafer, Oracle

Oracle Business Intelligence Management

Oracle Business Intelligence Management: Achieving High Performance and Availability with Oracle Enterprise Manager
Amjad Afanah, Oracle; Vishal Doshi, Fiberlink Communications

General Application Management Topics

Go Beyond Web Analytics: Build Business Intelligence with Oracle Real User Experience Insight
Rajiv Taori, Oracle

How Real User Monitoring Can Improve Application Performance: Go Beyond Web Analytics and Systems Monitoring
Michel Knops, Measureworks; Mark McGill, Oracle; Jurgen de Leijer, Oracle

Application Transaction Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager: The Key to End-to-End Monitoring virag Saksena, Oracle; Rajiv Taori, Oracle

Application Diagnostics for DBAs: Visibility into Your Application That the Middle-Tier Administrator Cannot Provide You
Shiraz Kanga, Oracle; Rajagopal Marripalli, Oracle

Optimizing Application Performance: Application Testing Suite to the Rescue
Matthew Demeusy, Oracle; Joe Fernandes, Oracle

Application Upgrade Secrets: Avoid Surprises While Making Database Changes
Jagan Athreya, Oracle; Sandra Cheevers, Oracle; Ravi Pattabhi, Oracle

Managing Your Service Bus with Oracle Enterprise Manager
Nadu Bharadwaj, Oracle; Arvind Maheshwari, Oracle

Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Oracle Forms and Web Applications with Oracle Enterprise Manager
Nadu Bharadwaj, Oracle; Richard Mertz, City of Evanston, Ill; Daniel brint, SUNY

Active User Monitoring: Measure Your User’s Experience Without Instrumenting Your Applications
Rajagopal Marripalli, Oracle; Richard Mertz, City of Evanston, Ill

More details on these sessions can be found on this website: http://www28.cplan.com/cc208/catalog.jsp

See you in San Francisco!

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