Friday, September 12, 2008

Oracle Delivers Oracle Application Testing Suite

Lots of news are coming out of Oracle on the application lifecycle management front. In addition to announcing the ClearApp acquisition on 9/2 and Oracle IT Service Management Suite's PinkVERIFY certification on 9/9, Oracle also announced the availability of Oracle Application Testing Suite (ATS). With ATS, Oracle now provide tools that cover the complete application lifecycle, from development to test to production management.

Oracle Application Testing Suite is the first release of the product since it was acquired from Empirix earlier this year. Amongst many improvements is an open and integrated scripting platform for both load and functional testing. This is one of the product's key strengths, as some other competing products require users to set up separate scripts for functional and load tests, creating un-necessary rework.

In a way, ATS is not a completely new product to Oracle customers. Empirix was one of Siebel's test automation tool partners, and released one of the first tools designed specifically for managing Siebel. The latest ATS release continues this effort by providing functional and load test accelerators for Siebel. Along with Application Management Pack for Siebel, ATS is part of Oracle's complete solution for managing Siebel application lifecycle.

More information about ATS can be found here.

You may download a trial copy of ATS from Oracle Technology Network.

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